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​Have a roofing emergency? Need quick and efficient roof repair in Gold River? Don’t have just any contractor work on your home. Contact 2nd Storie Contracting, your friendly, skillful Campbell River roofers who stand "Storie's Above the Rest".

The town of Gold River is prone to high wind damage. Don’t wait to repair the damage – Call us today!

Wind Damage Repair Service

Roof Maintenance

Your roof is one of the most important components providing protection for your home and your belongings. If something has damaged your roof such as branches, a fallen tree, wind, or another type of disaster it is imperative to stop the exposure of your home to the natural elements. Our 24 Hour Emergency Service can provide temporary protection to minimize losses and we can assist in restoring your home. From tarping to major repairs– we can help protect your home from further damage.

Emergency Roof Repair Gold River

If you are in need of a new roof or roof repairs as a result of a current or recent event, please call us immediately to schedule an appointment with one of our Journeymen Certified roofing professionals! We will come to your property and assist in preventing any further damage to your property and to start the process of restoring your most valuable asset. If you feel that your roof is not performing as it did a few years ago we can help correct that problem. Roofs can deteriorate from normal wear, severe weather, improper design and lack of maintenance. 2nd Storie Contracting can evaluate your roof and determine the cause of your dissatisfaction. Based on your preferences, we will recommend a course of action so that your roof meets or exceeds your expectations for both performance and appearance.

Gold River Roof Repair Services

We want to be your go-to Roofing Contractor in Gold River Call us ☏ 250-830-8706 for a free estimate for your project

You can rely on our Gold River roofing services, because we provide a 10-Year No-Leak Guarantee on all our roofs. Our Gold River Roofing Specialists are professionals that provide the same superior quality for every job we do. We provide workers’ compensation insurance, and our Campbell River roofing company is Red Seal accredited all to give you peace of mind in the quality of workmanship we provide. We also carry the following certifications and recognitions:

  • Enviroshake Certified Roof Installer
  • WCB Certified
  • Malarkey Certified Roof Installer
  • Red Seal
  • Soprema Certified Roof Installer

If you are looking for a trustworthy Gold River Roofing Contractor,  2nd Storie Contracting has more than 35 combine years of roofing experience and we can help you with any Gold River roof replacement or roof restoration project.

We Provide Peace of Mind

Roof Repair & Roofing in Gold River, 2nd Storie Contracting offers the Best Roofing Service on the Island!

  • Keep gutters cleaned and properly attached
  • Replace damaged and/or loose shingles
  • Keep the roof and all structures on the roof free from debris
  • Prevent tree branches from rubbing the roof or gutters
  • Remove any growing plants from roof and gutters