Call 2nd Storie Contracting Emergency Repair Team to immediately respond and professionally repair your leak on the spot. Call 250-830-8706 if your matter is urgent. Or send us an email to request a non-emergency repair.

Our Emergency Roofing Repair Team is trained and experienced in all aspects of roofing, but have special expertise in emergency repair and can be on site in a timely fashion and will repair your leak on the spot.

When our Emergency Roofing Repair Team is on your roof they will trace the leak back to the source identify, and analyze the cause of your leak.  Once the repair is made our Emergency Roofing Repair Team will create a report for you, detailing the condition of your roof, any potential concerns and recommending possible preventative solutions to maintain the health of your roofing investment. When time is critical, expertise makes all the difference.

Emergency Roof Repair

At 2nd Storie Contracting we take your emergency needs very seriously, so seriously in fact that we have created a dedicated team with experienced roofers available 24/7 to handle your emergency repair.

"We Hand Nail All Our Roofs"